In September 2014, the Human and Social Capital Institute (HSCI, LLC) launched as a for-profit social impact company. We create tools and services that facilitate how society gathers and leverages human and social capital data to improve lives, strengthen families, and transform communities. In the United States, basic human capital discovery efforts are duplicated between education, labor, welfare, correction, and veteran department efforts. Then, these departments fail to share this critical information with those that have the ability to put this human capital to work within the private sector, forcing employers to duplicate the same efforts. Time and money wasted on this duplication is hindering desired growth and innovation. HSCI products help limit this duplication saving countless wasted hours and dollars. Our solutions are set to reduce the time any individual spends unemployed after separating from an employer, to positively impact annual earnings and spending of the workforce; to reduce job turnover and drop-out rates; and to increase local, state, and federal tax revenue.

“Most organizations are a puzzle put together in a darkened room. Each piece is clumsily squeezed into place and then the edges are ground down so that they feel well positioned. But pull up the shades, let a little light into the room, and we can see the truth. Eight out of ten pieces are in the wrong place. Eight out of ten employees feel they are miscast. Eight out of ten employees never have the chance to reveal the best of themselves. They suffer for it, their organization suffers, and their customers suffer. Their health, their friends, and their family suffer. It doesn’t have to be this way."

—Donald O. Clifton & Marcus Buckingham
Now, Discover Your Strengths (2001)


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