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Self-Discovery Internship
(Celebrating 900+ participants)


The Self-Discovery Internship (SDI) is a virtual program for individuals to discover more about themselves and their unique capacities—ideally before they start making major educational and career decisions that will set the pace for their futures.


Employers and universities expect individuals to know this information before they arrive, but very few applicants come to the table with this level of self-awareness.


Failing to discover this information before they arrive at a university prevents students from identifying which areas of study could truly satisfy them. Not knowing ultimately prevents them from fully committing to and completing their education.


Failing to discover this information before they arrive at work prevents employees from fully being able to commit themselves and their best efforts to employers. Not knowing ultimately prevents them from fully capturing the benefit from stepping stone opportunities that could lead them to the thriving careers they are seeking.

We need only look to actual university graduation rates to see the lack of commitment to career training. We need only look to annual job turnover rates to see the lack of loyalty to employers.


The Self-Discovery internship is ideal for those 14-25 years of age, but anyone looking for enhanced employment opportunities will be sure to benefit as well (e.g., underemployed or unemployed).


The internship teaches participants what they need to know before they take that first promising college scholarship, student loan, internship, job, or promotion. What they learn will help them avoid distractions and misdirected efforts that would draw them away from where their true abilities and interests lie. 


The internship curriculum covers:


1) Talent Identification

2) Talent Based Education Planning and Career

3) Talent Based Leadership

4) Talent Based Management

What's the difference between the Self-Discovery Internship and traditional internships? See the difference!  This powerful internship will give participants a fresh vision for their future, and the confidence and tools to pursue it. 

The internship creator and advisor interned with numerous professional and collegiate sports organizations in San Francisco, California: Golden State Warriors (NBA), Oakland Raiders (NFL), Stanford University Athletics, International Sports Properties (now IMG College), and Octagon NFL (Sports Agency). After analyzing his experience and that of countless colleagues from a variety of industries, he saw the need for a universal Self-Discovery Internship that could be completed after joining Talent Depot but prior to pursuing traditional internships. Doing so would empower an individual to more fully maximize their return on any investment they choose to make in traditional internships, jobs, or educational pursuits.

Talent Depot
(Case Study - NYC Fall 2020)


Talent Depot is a knowledge management system that streamlines the discovery, storage, and mobilization of human capital data between organizations in a way that accelerates talent discovery and life-long development.


Inside the virtual community, anyone can join and complete our proprietary self-discovery process that will help us capture each individual’s invaluable human and social capital data in preparation for it to be mobilized.

The system serves as a centralized data hub (an online wallet) that stores human and social capital data about individuals similar to how medical histories were made into electronic records. The data cannot be shared with other individuals or organizations until the individual permits it, but when they do, the centralized data hub seamlessly mobilizes the data to the recipient individual or organization.


The same way medical histories can now be instantly shared between doctors to reduce duplicated efforts and costs, human and social capital data can be shared between friends, colleagues, and organizations. This mobilization will help reduce duplicated expenses associated with preparing an individual for the workforce and developing them once they are hired. Talent Depot has tools built within it to empower organizations to better understand, manage, and develop any new addition to the team using the same human behavior languages the individual has already been taught inside the internship and Talent Depot.


The sooner this data is gathered into Talent Depot the faster universities and employers can discover and develop raw talent, improve lives and transform communities. The system levels the playing field for those without powerful family name recognition, an Ivy League Education, an internship at a top multinational corporation, or the network of a Fortune 500 relative. With this system, all sorts of talents can get recruited as effectively as athletes get recruited into college athletics.


At the end of the day, we believe a single centralized raw human and social capital data hub serving as a talent farm for employers and universities eliminates confusion, duplication, and loss of data as citizens move into the workforce or between organizations. Our talent farm functions similar to how Major League Baseball has a talent farm where it grooms players through its developmental leagues in preparation for the big leagues. To ignore the use of Talent Depot in your community will lead to the continual revisiting of the same people and talent problems that have been plaguing your regional economic growth for years.


What every individual has to offer the world in human and social capital potential is unique. Each new person added into Talent Depot from within your community will increase your ability to solve local, national and global problems.


With Talent Depot your local universities and employers will be able to more effectively recruit, train, and develop your raw local talent coming out of schools, welfare, corrections, military, etc

Talent Depot - Partners
(Now Live!)

Our Talent Depot is the intersecting point where job seekers and employers can meet BEFORE the seekers commit to other opportunities or pathways. We enable job seekers to get discovered for just being themselves. Once the data is in our central hub, we enable our partner employers to discover and train RAW talent the way they want it developed.


Basic account registration is FREE for employers. Simply join our directory by clicking here!


Our Partners are those with the following opportunities - jobs, internships, job shadowing, informational interviews, apprenticeships, mentorship, courses, volunteer opportunities, scholarships, etc.

Benefits to Partners


  • Broaden your pool of prospective applicants

  • Train up the talent the way you want

  • Increase fit, satisfaction, and performance by future employees

  • Bridge future workplace generation gaps

  • Increase future productivity

  • Increase future employee confidence, engagement, and loyalty

  • Reduce future job turnover

  • Future savings in time, money, and energy


  • ​Gallup has discovered, “It isn’t until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their job…how to find one that’s a better fit…[how] to build better relationships and be a better teammate….and to feel like they’re improving, every single day.”


When you recruit talent through Talent Depot you can know that the talent has been on a self-discovery journey that will keep you from wasting your time on individuals that are destined to look for the elusive perfect job without them ever trying to define for you what that might be or being able to explain to you why they are the perfect fit for it. With their human capital and interests data at your fingertips, you can convince them that you have the opportunities that will accelerate their personal growth and satisfaction into the future better than any competing entity seeking to hire or develop their talents.


Each Partner's opportunities will be promoted to seekers with all sorts of backgrounds, talents, and abilities that complete the Self-Discovery Accelerator process within Talent Depot. Individual users within Talent Depot can opt-in to contact providers for more details if they choose. The system helps remove biased first impressions from the equation and places a new value on individuals in their raw form. It takes the focus off resume writing, interview preparation, and networking as we know it. It assumes a lack of education and experience in the area where a person has the most potential to grow, thrive, and prosper. It bypasses mismatched AI and machine learning results. Our goal is to get individuals recruited for their interests and unique potential, not for a skill set or certificate they may have blindly pursued and have little desire to use anymore in the workplace. 


What would be the potential value of uncovering rare human capital traits for entrepreneurship and job creation 5-10 years earlier within your community?

“Virtually all U.S. and world leaders have misdiagnosed the core problem and put billions and billions of dollars into mistaken strategies that are not helping America’s economy...Innovation is essential, and we need it. But the real magic starts with entrepreneurs—with people who are born with the rare gift to build successful businesses…The day when there is a list of ‘blue-chip’ potential entrepreneurs coming out of your local high schools and colleges is the day when America, and subsequently the world, will change forever. Conversations will change. Leadership will change. City and national strategies will change. Billions of dollars’ worth of investments will change… Early identification of rare entrepreneurial talent will be the most significant turning point in recent human history. And this talent is out there today, undiscovered. City leaders have to be deadly serious about new business startups and entrepreneurship. The future of your city—and the fate of the American economy, not to mention the country’s standing in the world—depend on it.”

Clifton, J., & Bharadwaj, S. (2014). Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder.

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