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We are looking for entrepreneurs that want to launch their ideas, not manage or grow a business. Join NEL if you want help developing your idea and selling it within 2-3 years.
Elite entrepreneurs with the rare talent to create customers will have a career span and earning potential much greater than that of a majority of professional athletes over time. The benefits will be huge as communities find and train up entrepreneurs early on in their youth in comparison to simply focusing on athletes who are constantly in danger of career ending injuries or being outplayed by younger talent. 
Benefits to entrepreneurs include:
  • ​Getting discovered for their unique capacity to create solutions 
  • Surrounding themselves with a team that will let them play to their strengths
  • No more elaborate business plan writing and financial projections
  • No more elevator pitches or the expectation to possess superhuman strength
How is it different?
Talent Depot's entrepreneurship league is set to revolutionize how entrepreneurs are identified and developed. While high school and college business programs are focused on developing the skill sets needed to run a corporation or attract capital from angels and venture capitalists to launch a company our focus is to help nurture the raw capacity hidden within the entrepreneur and to align them with world class resources that can help them accelerate their ability to bring their dreams to life by simply playing to their strengths. We don't need them to acquire and develop all the skills that it takes to launch and run all facets of the business. Doing things the old way will continue to stunt their creativity, delay the development of their visions, burden them with unnecessary student loan debt, and give them a 9 to 5 job that will leave them no time to dream. We need them to dream and then let us help them bring their products to life. We know it takes a different skill set to create and prove the value of an idea then to launch a company. All we need them to do is join Talent Depot and complete their profiles. Then leave it to our entrepreneur combine, agents and team owners to help them do the rest. 
Why is it time for change?
The truth is no rookie of the year in a professional sports league had to create the rules of the game, build the stadium, secure the tv contracts, sell sponsorships and tickets, play the game, align and manage the halftime show, perform the post-game interviews, clean up the stadium, evaluate the analytics, and create new strategies to improve fan engagement week by week throughout their rookie season. And yet that is exactly what young entrepreneurs are expected to be able to do before they will be taken seriously by an angel investor or venture capitalists. Our entrepreneurship league presents a powerful alternative for every entrepreneur and for every community wanting to harness the potential economic energy these individuals could release into their region of the world. This alternative nurtures and develops talent instead of weeding it out like business plan/canvas competitions and the freshman year of college or medical school do. If you want job creation and true sustainable economic growth for the future it is time to accelerate the discovery and development of rare entrepreneurial talent in your region. What do you have to do to help us identify it? Get youth 14-25 years old to join Talent Depot and complete their profiles. Then leave the rest to our team owners to do the rest.
Who are the team owners?
Teams within our league are being established around the world. Team ownership is reserved for highly connected former professional athletes who have a lot relationships and large levels of influence in their region of the world. Team owners identify, sign, and develop rare entrepreneurial talent. They help those with great ideas test them and prepare them to be sold. Unlike professional sports teams, National Entrepreneurship League teams can have as many entrepreneurs on their team as they want and they have no salary caps. In comparison the NFL only has 1,700 current players; NBA – 494 players; and MLB – 877. Our league is not burdened with heavily monitored amateur sports practice times or income restrictions. We want you to succeed! If you have entrepreneurial talent, you deserve to get recruited and paid for what you are worth. Not all entrepreneurs would enjoy or even want to manage or grow a business. Our league specializes in helping these types of prospective entrepreneurs build and sell their ideas quickly (within 2-3 years). This is a paradigm shift from existing efforts to support entrepreneurs in society. This shift will enable entrepreneurs to play to their strengths, positively impact the world, and still leave them time to have a life beyond work.
Want to get recruited by one of our teams (or just go through our combine process for fun)?
1) Join Talent Depot and complete your profile as fast as possible
2) Complete our combine process (Coming soon!)
Want to buy a team?
Want to become an entrepreneur agent to pitch talent to our team owners? 
Want to have your solutions highlighted in our combine process to help develop this rare talent?
What would be the potential value of uncovering rare human capital traits for entrepreneurship and job creation 5-10 years earlier within your community?

“Virtually all U.S. and world leaders have misdiagnosed the core problem and put billions and billions of dollars into mistaken strategies that are not helping America’s economy...Innovation is essential, and we need it. But the real magic starts with entrepreneurs—with people who are born with the rare gift to build successful businesses…The day when there is a list of ‘blue-chip’ potential entrepreneurs coming out of your local high schools and colleges is the day when America, and subsequently the world, will change forever. Conversations will change. Leadership will change. City and national strategies will change. Billions of dollars’ worth of investments will change… Early identification of rare entrepreneurial talent will be the most significant turning point in recent human history. And this talent is out there today, undiscovered. City leaders have to be deadly serious about new business startups and entrepreneurship. The future of your city—and the fate of the American economy, not to mention the country’s standing in the world—depend on it.”

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